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The UN’s human rights chief, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, tonight condemned the cruel and inhumane treatment of children detained in the Northern Territory and called on Australia to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture. The Human Rights Law Centre echoes these calls.

“This condemnation from the UN High Commissioner highlights the gravity of human rights violations and the need for Australia to properly respond,” said the Human Rights Law Centre’s Executive Director, Hugh de Kretser. “The government must act now to ratify of this important torture prevention treaty.”

The Human Rights Law Centre welcomes the announcement by the Turnbull Government of a Royal Commission into youth detention in the Northern Territory, but expresses extreme disappointment over the lack of consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull’s announcement of a royal commission into the abuse of children in Northern Territory jails gives an insight into his instincts on human rights. Turnbull said he was “deeply shocked” and “appalled” by the footage aired by Four Corners and acted swiftly in calling the inquiry. It was decisive action that shows the potential Turnbull has to lead on human rights more broadly.

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10 Years of Impact: Human Rights Law Centre Dinners 2016

10 Years of Impact: Human Rights Law Centre Dinners 2016

3 June 2016

Thanks to everyone who helped make the 10 Years of Impact: Human Rights Dinners in Melbourne and Sydney such a success. Much fun was had and the events raised over $90,000. Thanks to all who either bid competitively in our fundraising auctions or generously made donations. This support is absolutely critical to our work.


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