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A push to ensure that people with disabilities fully enjoy the right to vote has been welcomed by the Human Rights Law Centre.

The Australian Law Reform Commission released a report this week recommending that Commonwealth laws be amended to remove discriminatory provisions that prevent people of ‘unsound mind’ from voting.

The HRLC’s Director of Advocacy and Research, Emily Howie, said that people with disabilities should be supported to exercise their right to vote on an equal basis with others.

“A healthy democracy requires participation in voting from as broad a range of voters as possible. We should be providing the necessary support to ensure everyone has an opportunity to have their say by casting their vote,” said Ms Howie.

Australia is in breach of its human rights obligations by allowing children to be sentenced to life in prison without the genuine possibility of parole, the United Nations Human Rights Committee has declared.

Proposed changes to migration laws would widen the Immigration Minister’s power, marginalise international law and wind back the ability of Australian courts to scrutinise the Government’s treatment of asylum seekers, leading human rights organisations will tell the Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee today.



Somewhere over the rainbow: the perils of protection for queer asylum seekers

Somewhere over the rainbow: the perils of protection for queer asylum seekers

24 November 2014

Join us for events in Melbourne or Sydney about the particular challenges faced by LGBTI asylum seekers.


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